Prima Defensio


The first line of defense for fruit and other fresh produce. Providing protection from bruise damage and scuffing with impact absorbsion during handling and transportation. Bringing, so to speak, airbag protection technology to fruit and other fresh produce.

Our mission

Prima Defensio was founded by the owner, Henco Smit in 2022, after developing FRUITGUARD™, a unique and globally new concept that protects fresh produce from bruise damage inside harvest bins, during handling and transportation from orchard to Packhouse. Prima Defensio, meaning “first line of defence” are fully committed in combatting the forces at work, responsible for bruise damage on fresh produce.

Our Vision

The purpose of Prima Defensio (Pty) Ltd. is to significantly improve the grower’s pack outs in potential volume and quality, ultimately positioning the grower to fully unlock the true potential income back to the farm by using our product FRUITGUARD™ during the post-harvest process of handling and transportation, from orchard up to the point where fruit leaves the bin to be packed.


Shock and vibration absorbtion for the 30% of fruit in contact with bins' walls and floor.